1. The meetings of the corporate bodies must comply with the rules on summoning, quorum and majorities provided by law and statutes.
  1. There is the possibility of holding mixed meetings as determined in the summoning, that is, those in which some of its participants attend physically and others virtually.
  1. Summoning for virtual or mixed meetings must indicate the technological means that will be used and the way in which the meeting will be accessed, without prejudice to the instructions necessary for those who physically attend, in case the meeting is mixed.
  1. If to date, no summoning has been made in order to carry out the ordinary meeting of the highest corporate body, the Superintendence of Corporations of Companies recommends using the virtual meeting mechanism established in article 19 of Law 222 of 1995, modified by the Decree 398 of 2020.
  1. If the ordinary meeting has already been summoned, and it is not possible to use the virtual or mixed meeting mechanism or if the capacity of the expected in-person or mixed meeting exceeds the restrictions indicated by the competent authorities, that is, 50 people in the case of Bogotá, (counting partners, proxies, or administrative personnel for the development of the meeting), it is essential to remember that the public order sanitary provisions in force take precedence over corporate regulations, for which the legal representatives must warn of immediately this extraordinary situation to the summoned members by the same means that the summon was made, considering that the current sanitary emergency situation and the orders of the competent authorities imply the impossibility of holding the meeting for a series of events that could be considered as force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.