The Tax and Customs Practice Group reminds to the entities of the Special Tax Regime, as well as cooperatives, the obligation of update the web registry before the Tax Authority in order to maintain their status as entities of the Special Tax Regimen. The deadline to fulfill this obligation was extended by the Ministry of Finance, because of the current health emergency derived from the COVID-19, through Decree No. 438 of March 19 of 2020 where the Administration established as new deadline June 30,2020.

In these terms, the omission of update the web registration is a cause of exclusion from the Special Tax Regime, which according with the Administration has been extended until June 30,2020.

For this purpose, each entity must confirm its Tax Registry taking into account, among others, the responsibility of the entity, benefits, classification of economic activities and the availability of the Electronic Signature.

In addition, the entity must have the documentation required to carry out the process of updating the web registration and send it, through the corresponding Formats, to the Tax Authority.

If you have any concerns in this regard or require support in the process of updating the web registration, do not hesitate to contact us.