1. Concerning the movement of people in the facilities of DIAN, measures directed to reduce the presence of people in such facilities to the maximum will be implemented. The services provided will be guaranteed, but only the interested party, the legal representative or the agent will be served.
  1. The required documentation for customs operations can be delivered electronically. Based on this, DIAN will schedule the necessary procedures.
  1. The procedure for Customs Transit (Tránsito Aduanero) will be relaxed, with the intention of reducing the movement of cargo and people to the maximum.
  1. The inspection of merchandise will continue to be executed in the ordinary manner, but measures will be taken to ensure it is as non-intrusive as possible. If documentary inspection is required, it can be made online.
  1. Priority will be given to the import of medical products and perishable food.
  1. Similarly, priority will be given to operations performed by Authorized Economic Operators, except in case of those explained in the preceding paragraph.
  1. Virtual procedures will continue to be made in the ordinary manner. Measures will be taken to ensure that physical procedures can be made mostly online, according to the platforms DIAN puts in place.
  1. Special requests and procedures (document and information requests, extensions, etc.) can be made online.
  1. The individual facilities can establish special attention shifts, according to availability of personnel.
  1. Procedures related to merchandise movement to and from free trade zones and other similar procedures must be agreed together with the user and will be granted as the required documentation is filed.
  1. Abandonments will continue to be made in the ordinary manner.
  1. Requests to obtain the issuance of technical support (apoyos técnicos) must be made by phone or e-mail.
  1. Judicial deadlines of all administrative procedures will be suspended from March 19 to April 3, 2020.

This memorandum renders the memorandum 000053 of March 18, 2020, obsolete.26