The National Tax Authority (DIAN), through Resolution No. 000022 of March 18, 2020, established the suspension of terms in administrative proceedings in tax, customs and exchange matters, between March 19 and April 03.

In relation to customs matters, the suspension of terms includes (i) Authorization terms, (ii) Response to ordinary information requirements, (iii) Internal terms for visits, (iv) Transit, storage and multimodal transport, (v) Terms for reimport mobile exported goods, (vi) Deadlines for importing household goods and (vii) Deadlines for presenting urgent deliveries.

In addition, established that the suspension includes the terms of internal management of requests and complaints from the PQRS Electronic Computing Service, the deadlines for deciding the special requests of the Single Tax Registry and, in general, the requests entered through the Electronic Computing Service.

As a consequence of the foregoing, the DIAN established that between March 19 and April 03 will not have public attention in the dependencies of the Sectional Tax Offices, delegated and from the Central level.