Notary publics

Through the expedition of Resolution 03133 issued on the 24th of March of 2020, the Superintendent for Notary Publics and Registrations, established the schedules for customer service at Notary Publics depending on the amount of Notary Publics within a specific notarial circuit. The Resolution, established the following conditions:

  1. Within municipalities which have one or two Notary Publics, they must provide the notary public service through a shift starting at 10:00AM ending at 1:00PM, on one of the following schedules:
  • Monday and Wednesday
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Monday and Friday

The Notary Public must inform the Delegate Superintendence for Notaries within one work day from the expedition of the Resolution, the schedule in which they will provide the notary public service, and must also publish the specific times and days in a place which is visible to the public.

If the user urgently requires the provision of this public service outside of the established schedules, the Notary Public will set up and publish a effective means of communication, in order to adequately provide the service.

  1. For those notary circuits with more than two Notary Publics, a turn-based system was established for each Notary Public, in order to establish a rotatory system for each of the days of the quarantine, each Notary Public’s turn varies according on the notary circuit, for more information, please consult the Resolution at:

Registration Offices

Through Resolution 03130 issued on the 24th of March 2020, the Superintendent of Notary Publics and Registrations, established that all of the terms associated with proceedings, administrative acts, disciplinary acts, and registration processes are to be suspended since the 24th of March 2020 until the 13th of April 2020, that is, until the end of the quarantine.

The Resolution also established that due to the previous measures, the Public Registration Offices and the administrative sites of the Superintendence of Notary Publics and Registrations are to be closed to the public.

However, the website of the agency will continue to be available, as well as all the proceedings which may be carried out through that electronic portal. For more information please access the following link:

We will be updating this information as the corresponding decisions are made available.